Twin artists, Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer, in their working studio.

The Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Gallery features the collaborative work of twins, Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer. Through a process of building on each other’s work, without conversation or referring to sketches, each twin adds her style as a former printmaker and oil painter to create strong visual statements in fiber and paint. The Lubbesmeyers push each other to see things differently, while they share a commitment to investigate the qualities of the media that allows for a high art result. By using color arbitrarily, their depictions are given form and essentially a pictorial quality. As they pare away extraneous detail to distill the image to its core essence, form is being reduced to emanate a new point of view. In creating their work, the twins enjoy employing various techniques that allow them to rearrange and clarify their world.

As collaborative artists, the Lubbesmeyers like to explore the essential elements of their surroundings, as translated from literal images that live in their minds. Through their creative process, the twins distill those literal images into vivid blocks of color and texture. Through color, the images become suggestions of places that seem vaguely if not distinctly familiar.

The Lubbesmeyers find inspiration in nature, Japanese block print, music of all genres, the texture of leaves and grasses, the pattern of light on the foothills, ethnic designs and patterns, the juxtaposition of old and new, architectural fragments, the elegance and grace of birds, road trips — both solitary and shared — and the patterns of turned farm land. The artists are inspired by roads disappearing into the distance, and by horizons dividing earth and sky. They encourage us to look outward as far and as wide as possible. To us, they represent journeys of a meditative or spiritual nature. They suggest that we are all travelers. The Lubbesmeyer twins welcome you to view their virtual gallery of art or visit them at the Lubbesmeyer Art Studio and Gallery located in the Old Mill District.

Our Recent Work:

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