Recently, a guest in our gallery asked, “Why the sky?”  It felt like a big question to answer in just a few words, so we found ourselves thinking about it long after she left. Since we had never asked each other that question, we were curious to know how each would answer. We decided we’d respond by writing our thoughts privately from one another. We found our responses surprising in how similar yet different they were. Here are our answers:


Why the Sky?

The moment we were asked this question, I instantly felt the answer warming a familiar spot in my stomach. “Interesting”, I thought, since all the most significant decisions made in my life originated in my gut. But I don’t think I’ve listened to how my gut responds to the more ethereal aspects of my life. I wonder if the young woman who asked the question, “Why the Sky?” had any idea what she was asking. She really got to the heart of it for me, which is to say she got to my gut. When I look at the sky, I see a clear blue day as if it’s the ocean so full of life that it can only be imagined. Or, at night, my sight bounces between the glittering speckles, pretending each star represents a bustling home or neighborhood or city in another part of the world, all in harmony. When I watch the clouds moving through the air, I’m reminded that no matter what, EVERYTHING is in motion and will always change. Any time of the day or night, looking at the sky makes me feel grounded. It’s when I feel like I have some understanding of the world and what my purpose in it may be. While it’s tempting to keep my eyes fixated on the sky, my gut tells me to instead keep creating my art. This way, I can honor and take care of the sky the way it takes care of me. - Lisa Lubbesmeyer

Why the Sky?

The sky is grounding. There are memories over my life where I had important moments of difficulty or happiness, and the sky would be my anchor in which I could disappear in its expanse, and thoughtfully make decisions. The sky is where I go when I need to understand the moment, or to get some peace, calm or joy. The sky as I created it in this artwork, is still grounding for me. The sky reminds me that I am one tiny little part of this enormous life. The possibility of being lost in deep blue expanse, consumed by light, color, brilliance is a tremendous experience. The sky is always moving. Whether there are big fluffy clouds or not a formation to be seen, it’s never static. I am reminded that like it or not, time will keep moving. This moment is not permanent. Like everything in life, there is change. I find this to be incredibly reassuring, and something I try to remember every time I look out to the horizon. I probably look into the sky hundreds of times a day. Whether it is stormy and gray, of the deepest blue, or a bright starry night, it reflects on everything I see and experience. Everything. This is my anchor. - Lori Lubbesmeyer

We welcome your questions anytime.

We’re open to answering your questions about our art, the collaboration and being twins. We may respond in future newsletters, or through our Twin Journal. In time, we’ll do our best to answer all your questions! In the meantime if you’d like to see more art with skies in them, please visit: Available Fiber Paintings and Available Paintings.

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