We’re not yet ready to reveal our latest fiber ‘paintings’ in process, so we thought we’d tell a little story instead:

15 years ago we left our individual disciplines as a painter and printmaker because we were too competitive with each other. To remedy our rift, we thought we’d collaborate in a new medium (fiber), and hopefully heal our wounds. So three years ago when we decided to add painting to our collaborative expression, we were very concerned that returning to this prior medium would throw us back to a time when we couldn’t even enjoy being in the same room together. Needless to say, the pressure we were putting on ourselves made us so uneasy we stared at the blank canvases for months.

Our remedy: paint for an hour, at the same time, without seeing the others’ work. Also, don’t predetermine the subject, palette, or composition – just move paint. When the time was up, we revealed our paintings to each other. After the initial goose bumps, we could see that we were capable of relating in this ‘new’ medium. One could say we might still be competing, but we like to see it as complementing each other.

Above: Twin paintings in oil by Lisa & Lori Lubbesmeyer

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