Above: Lubbesmeyer, Juniper and Fields, Fiber, 34 x 38″ Framed

Juniper and Fields was based on a view from a friend’s house. We were initially drawn to the incredible view of the mountains as they sit watching over the grass fields below. We were struck by the awesomeness of nature and how we do our best to form and train it for our survival. We felt there was more than enough to portray in the ‘painting’ based on just those two elements. And then we heard the story about the Juniper tree.

In a neighbor’s backyard there is a 1200 year old Juniper tree. They once had a friend visiting with their young daughter. The child was exposed to a traumatic event and the 6 months since, she hadn’t spoken a word. One morning, she was out sitting in the tree and when they approached to call her in to eat, they found her chattering away at the tree. She had named it ‘Sally’ and was talking to it like it was her long-lost friend.


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