Cityscape with Water Towers started with a burst of energy about 4 years ago. It started with vigorous work, followed by a long period of waiting. In the initial layers, the canvas was brushed with yellow and ochre in a way that it made us feel as if we were looking at a sunrise through heavy fog. There were vague suggestions of form, but it was hard to make out what the shapes were.

After several years of the canvas sitting aside, when we began working on it again, long vertical lines cut upward through the formless atmosphere. And then, in another layer, what appeared were the objects of one of our urban fascinations: water towers. Once the water towers arrived, the waiting was over. It was clear we were seeing a city scene filled with the geometry of a skyline.

With each layer of paint we applied, there was also a lot of manipulation made to the surface of the painting – scraping with sculpting tools, rubbing with our fingers and the palms of our hands, and making distinctive marks with graphite. Each addition (or abstraction) of layers brought focus to the subtle lines and shapes of the buildings, subtly suggesting the movement and energy of a bustling city.

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Cityscape with Water Towers
Acrylic and graphite pencil on canvas, 25.5 x 37.5″ framed

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