It must be the mirror effect we feel, because we can remember this ‘First’ birthday cake like it’s being presented to us today. Elephant shape with white coconut frosting. I think I remember it because I could see Lori excitedly waving her arms around when she saw it (nothing’s changed).

Life is remarkable and precious, and we can’t believe our luck that we were born as two. It’s incredible to have a witness to every moment of ones’ life, but even more of a gift, is learning at an early age how our actions can so deeply affect another. We credit this experience as one of the reasons we grew up to be artists. And now, here we are 45 years later, 15 of those spent collaborating, and we couldn’t feel more appreciative to have this life if we tried. Thank you, dear friends, for making our life experiences feel so rich and memorable.

Above: Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer, first birthday

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